DBeaver 1.3.2 (powered by sun*)

Yep, it’s a vacation season. And as a result we had a pause in development. But do not worry – we’re back and new DBeaver version just has been released.

So, the changelist:

  • MySQL stored procedure editor
  • MS SQL Server native (by Microsoft) driver added
  • Terdata database driver added
  • Bug fixes

Also we migrated to Eclipse 3.7. It contains many bugfixes in UI plugins but I’m afraid that it could contain a new bugs. Anyway, at the moment we didn’t find them.
And we started i18n phase – as it’ll be finished we’ll start localizations.

Have a good rest of the summer!

* Not by the Oracle sun, but by the sun sun. Closest star, you know. It is not an advertisement ;)

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