DBeaver 5.3.4

  • Data viewer:
    • New UI for view switching (grid/text, record)
    • Columns search was added in data filter settings
    • Numeric data types rendering was fixed
    • Plaintext mode renderer was fixed
  • SQL Editor:
    • Action toolbar design was improved
    • Context menu was simplified
    • "Find paired bracket" command was added
  • Databse navigator: double-click behavior config was fixed
  • Quick object search dialog UI redesign (object types selector)
  • Data transfer:
    • Export from multiple SQL queries was added
    • Export into single file from multiple tables was added
    • Target file name generation was improved
  • Transaction log: history loading was fixed
  • Dark theme support was improved
  • Optional extensions install was fixed (Eclipse 2018-09 support)
  • Stored procedures calling was fixed for most databases
  • Auto-completion was added to selector controls (comboboxes)
  • New databases:
    • Apache Ignite driver was added
    • MapD (OmniSci) driver was added
    • Dremio database driver was added
  • PostgreSQL: sequences DDL was fixed
  • Greenplum: (thanks to GP team)
    • External tables create/edit support was added
    • GP functions DDL was improved
  • SQL Server: better support of SQL Server 2008 and earlier
  • Oracle: materialized view create/edit/refresh was added
  • DB2 iSeries: driver config was fixed (object descriptions read enabled)
  • SQLite: table DDL reading was fixed (indexes)
  • Eclipse plugin: older Eclipse versions (4.4-4.6) support was fixed
  • Interface localization was improved
  • Many minor UI bugfixes

Enterprise Edition

DBeaver CE contains based features only. Try DBeaver EE with:
  • NoSQL and BigData database support
  • Visual Query Builder
  • Analytical charts
  • Query History
  • Pack of all main drivers
  • And many more

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