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Commercial versions
  • Basic support for relational databases:
    MySQL, SQL Server, PostgreSQL and others
  • Data Editor
  • SQL Editor
  • Task management
  • Database maintenance tools

  • All DBeaver Community features
  • Advanced security
  • Advanced support for relational databases
  • Connection through ODBC drivers
  • NoSQL databases support:
    MongoDB, Cassandra, Redis, CouchDB and others
  • Cloud databases support:
    Redshift, Google BigQuery, Oracle Cloud and others
  • Native support for AWS, Google Cloud, and Azure
  • Cloud storage support
  • Database development tools
  • Database performance visual tools
  • AI assistant in SQL
  • Multi-component task management
  • Task Scheduler
  • Visual Query Builder
  • Ongoing technical support

DBeaver 23.2.1

  • SQL Editor:
    • Aliases proposals for tables with joins were improved
    • SQL console can now be saved as a script
    • Enhanced smart completion is enabled (configurable)
    • Issue with big string contents (json, xml) edit was resolved
    • JSON formatting in the separate editor was fixed
    • Ctrl+Alt+6 shortcut was changed to Ctrl+Alt+T
    • JSON functions keywords were added to the SQL Assist
    • Representation of errors on query execution was fixed
  • ER Diagrams: issue with duplicate relations on the diagram was fixed
  • Data Editor:
    • Big content representation end editing was limited to 1MB (configurable)
    • User can now add a shortcut for setting row color
    • Issue with hiding the wrong column from the context menu was resolved
    • Grouping panel now shows actual executed SQL
    • Decimal rounding error was fixed
  • General UI:
    • When exporting a project, a warning about replacing an existing project was added (thanks to @MontejoJorge)
    • Scroll bars were added on the connection page, and other wizards
    • Issue with broken quotes in localization files was resolved
  • Connectivity:
    • Driver download UI was improved: already downloaded driver files are colored in grey
    • JDBC drivers maven artifacts resolve was fixed
    • The “Propagate driver properties” option was added to the driver settings
  • New drivers:
    • JDBCX driver was added (thanks to @zhicwu)
  • Databases:
    • Clickhouse: IPv4 data representation was fixed
    • Greenplum: External tables representation was fixe
    • MySQL: Unsupported engine types are replaced with the default one
    • Oceanbase:
      • Views editor was supported
      • Routines and procedure parameters read was fixed
    • PostgreSQL:
      • Foreign tables folder was added
      • Enum data types reading performance was enhanced
    • Redshift: Backup/Restore tools were deprecated and removed from UI
    • Snowflake:
      • Driver was updated to 3.13.25
      • Materialized views are now supported
      • Schema create UI was enhanced was enhanced
    • Trino: Views DDL support was added

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