DBeaver Community

Open-source version

DBeaver PRO

Commercial versions
  • Basic support for relational databases:
    MySQL, SQL Server, PostgreSQL and others
  • Data Editor
  • SQL Editor
  • Database schema editor
  • DDL
  • Basic ER Diagrams
  • Basic charts
  • Data export/import
  • Task management
  • Database maintenance tools

  • All DBeaver Community features
  • Advanced security
  • Advanced support for relational databases
  • Connection through ODBC drivers
  • NoSQL databases support:
    MongoDB, Cassandra, Redis, CouchDB and others
  • Cloud databases support:
    Redshift, Google BigQuery, Oracle Cloud and others
  • Native support for AWS, Google Cloud, and Azure
  • Cloud storage support
  • Metadata management tools
  • Database performance visual tools
  • AI assistant in SQL
  • Multi-component task management
  • Task Scheduler
  • Visual Query Builder
  • Ongoing technical support

DBeaver 24.0.2

  • Connectivity:
    • Using multiple jumps tunnels when connecting via SSH was supported
    • Enable tunnel sharing option was added
    • Test connection was fixed
  • SQL Editor:
    • WHERE TRUE and SELECT UNIQUE support was added
    • Error with single quoted string was fixed
    • Syntax highlighting after active schema change was fixed
  • Data Editor:
    • Automatic row count option was added (thanks to @utsav1704)
  • Metadata editor:
    • Deleting table comments was fixed
    • Linking with the editor was fixed
  • General:
    • Ability to collect log files from the interface was added
    • Transaction rollback behavior was fixed
    • Metadata changes were removed from the commit counter
    • Autocommit in production databases was fixed
  • Data transfer:
    • Ability to specify header case in the target file was added
    • Typo in the confirmation dialog was fixed
  • Databases:
    • Cubrid: Query plan feature was added (thanks to @rathana-pvs)
    • Old MySQL drivers were repacked
    • PostgreSQL: Jobs, roles, and system information were hidden in the Hide Folders mode
    • SQLite: Deleting columns was fixed

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