DBeaver 6.0.5

  • Database navigator:
    • Create object menu was improved (no redundant sub-menu)
    • Connection folders creation was fixed
    • Elements coloring was improved (for different connection types)
    • Shortcuts processing was fixed (broken shortcuts after some actions)
    • Table editor tabs activation was fixed
  • Columns editor: auto-completion was fixed in drop-downs.
  • Data transfer: export from multiple queries was fixed (target file names)
  • SQL Editor: SQL formatter was fixed (exp numbers and other minor fixes)
  • Spatial data editor:
    • Geography/geometry value editor (plaintext, WKT)
    • Numerous fixes in different SRIDs support
  • Oracle: metadata (constraints, foreign keys) reading performance was significantly improved
  • PostgreSQL:
    • Multiple query result sets support was added
    • Table partitions information was extended
    • Native database backup was fixed
    • Database creation was fixed (special characters in db name)
    • Sequence rename was fixed
    • Full schema DDL generation was fixed
  • Greenplum, Redshift: execution plan explain now supports plaintext format
  • SQLite: sample database was updated
  • Sybase (12 and older): stored procedures source reading was fixed
  • Apache Ignite: identifiers quoting was fixed
  • DB2 iSeries: schema reading was fixed
  • Extra command line parameters (connection opening)
  • Connections import from SQL Developer was fixed
  • Windows installer: config files (dbeaver.ini) backup
  • Extensions (Office, SVG, etc) installer was fixed
  • Checking for multiple DBeaver instances was added
  • Many minor UI bug fixes

Enterprise Edition

DBeaver CE contains based features only. Try DBeaver EE with:
  • NoSQL and BigData database support
  • Visual Query Builder
  • Analytical charts
  • Query History
  • Pack of all main drivers
  • And many more

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