DBeaver Community

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DBeaver PRO

Commercial versions
  • Basic support for relational databases:
    MySQL, SQL Server, PostgreSQL and others
  • Data Editor
  • SQL Editor
  • Task management
  • Database maintenance tools

  • All DBeaver Community features
  • Advanced security
  • Advanced support for relational databases
  • Connection through ODBC drivers
  • NoSQL databases support:
    MongoDB, Cassandra, Redis, CouchDB and others
  • Cloud databases support:
    Redshift, Google BigQuery, Oracle Cloud and others
  • Native support for AWS, Google Cloud, and Azure
  • Cloud storage support
  • Metadata management tools
  • Database performance visual tools
  • AI assistant in SQL
  • Multi-component task management
  • Task Scheduler
  • Visual Query Builder
  • Ongoing technical support

DBeaver 23.3.5

  • SQL Editor:
    • Syntax highlighting was improved
    • Highlighting in nested queries and on query editing was fixed
    • Scrolling with opened Outline was fixed
    • Applying settings to Outline was fixed
    • Order by i.* was supported in Outline
    • Joined tables presentation in Outline was fixed
  • AI: Ability to send object descriptions to OpenAI was added
  • Data Editor:
    • Scrolling multiple tab result was improved. You can scroll all result sets using Ctrl
    • Fetch next page shortcut was changed to CTRL+ALT+N
  • ER Diagram: Connections rendering was improved
  • Data transfer:
    • The Proceed button at the last step became more visible
    • On conflict expression was added to INSERT statements
    • Crash when importing CSV file was fixed
    • Extra space before the semicolon in export to SQL was removed
  • General:
    • Close idle connection setting saving was fixed
    • Application launch was improved
    • Unexpected transaction ending was fixed
    • Settings are applied to new connections without a restart
    • User credential dialog was fixed
    • Issue with the background task of the dashboard update was fixed
    • Temporary directory creation was fixed
  • Security: Added warning when trying to open an encrypted project and risk losing all connection credentials
  • New driver:
    • StarRocks database support was added
  • Databases:
    • MariaDB driver was updated to version 3.3.2
    • Oracle:
      • Keywords and schemes highlighting was improved
      • Default subpartition type was added
    • PostgreSQL:
      • Creating a new table from the user interface was fixed
      • Duplication of procedures was fixed
    • Snowflake: VIEW keyword highlighting and validation was improved
    • SQL Server: syntax highlighting was fixed
    • Sybase:
      • Stored procedure creation was added
      • Using create view instead of Alter view was fixed
      • Import with table mapping was fixed
  • Localization:
    • French translation was updated (thanks to @Jean-BaptisteC)
    • Babel version was updated

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