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Search Columns DB2 Z/OS

Postby Tarias » Thu Aug 06, 2015 11:50 am


I recognized that if I use a LUW Database with the DB2 LUW Connection,
I can search for many database objects like ALIAS, TABLE, VIEW,... COLUMN

With ODBC connections or when I connect to a DB2 Z/OS databases I can search only
Tables and Procedures. Can you please extend this connectionsin the "Find database objects" window
so that it is possible to search for columns too.

I have a second question. Is it possible that you include a warning/popup like "Heavy workload..."
for the Full-text search before searching for objects or something
else, because such things can overload the database.

If I restart DBeaver also the last used search method (Metadata or Full-text) is saved.
The problem can be for example if I make a Full-text search, restart DBeaver, connect
to the same database and want to search for a table. The "Find database objects" will
first Show the Full-text tab. The problem is that I can not switch to Metadata search until
some metadatas for the database are collected (this can take very long).

So my question is, can you please drop the settings of the search window only after a restart (make
metadata search default)?

Thank you very much.

Best Regards
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