[Bug] Export Result-set with hidden columns

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[Bug] Export Result-set with hidden columns

Postby ca.webprogrammer » Tue Jun 30, 2015 3:25 pm

Hidden columns are not handled properly in Export process.

Steps to reproduce this bug:
STEP 1) Open a table, or run an SQL query.
STEP 2) Select multiple columns (using Ctr+Click), now right-click and select "Hide selected columns(3)". You can observe that those columns are hidden as expected.
STEP 2) Right-click and select "Export Resultset ..."
STEP 3) Chose any format and file path (I tried all formats, but initially found it in HTML format).
STEP 4) Complete the export process and open the result file.
STEP 5) You can observe that the names of hidden columns are in file without any values. This was not expected.

Expected behavior:
The hidden columns should not exist in the result file.

Environment details:
DBeaver Version 3.4.1, Mysql, Windows7
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