Status of DB2 support?

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Status of DB2 support?

Postby titou10 » Fri Aug 30, 2013 2:00 am

We are using only DB2 as DBMS and we would like to have DB2 native support in DBeaver.
- What is the status of the DB2 native support?
- Do you already have some code for DB2 in DBeaver somewhere?
- Maybe I could help writing this code if need. What would be the step for me to develop this extension?
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Re: Status of DB2 support?

Postby Serge » Sat Aug 31, 2013 5:37 pm


Long story short: there is no special DB2 support in DBeaver. It had to be done almost a year ago but still nothing :(
The only DB2-related code in DBeaver is configuration of Generic driver for DB2 UDB and DB2 zOS.

I can't say when DB2 extension will be added, in fact I'm the only active developer and I have no time for everything.
If you have some time you can spend on this issue - please write me on Probably I can implement extension by myself but I need a lot of information of about system schemas and metadata structure in DB2 - I have no time to learn all this stuff.

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Re: Status of DB2 support?

Postby titou10 » Sun Sep 01, 2013 12:41 pm

Serge, I know how it is, being myself involved in some other FOSS project (Mostly JavaEE, CDI extensions..) and handling such a project must represent a lot of time and dedication!
In the meantime, I just started to explore your code and created a db2 plugin (In eclipse 4.3), cloned from your Oracle plugin (that BTW seems to cover a lot of Oracle DB management aspects. That is a lot of work, WOW!). For now it displays table names, tablespaces and sequences info (let say it's version 0.0000001
My current first goal is to display DB2 base objects (tables _basic types for now_, views, sequences, triggers..) and navigate though them.
If I can come with some acceptable code in a decently short time, I'll see where to go from there with you.
Also depending on how it goes, I could add some more "common db2 administrative commands" (runstats, reorg, export, import ...) but I don't think it's a good idea to (re-)develop what is already proposed for free by IBM for administrating DB2 database, I mean IBM Data Studio: /
What I don't like in IBM DataStudio is that it is really, really "DBA oriented", not at all "dev oriented". For example, to have a quick view of a table or entering a simple SQL statement and browse through the results is a real pain in DS IMHO
Again, I don't know what will result from this, so please don't have to much expectations for now..
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