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Multi-query scripts display and export

Postby amosmoss » Tue Apr 23, 2013 7:49 am


I'm using the export to csv files tool quite a lot (This make a lot of things easier). I thought of some thing that would be great.
I have a script that uses several stages of temp tables to generate an outcome. This scripts take about an hour all in all. The thing is that I want to export the result of the final query into an outfile. To do that, I need to stay around, wait an hour and export the result. Is there a way to export from a script, and not just from a query?

Another related idea is to hold several result sets for each query in the script (MySQL query browser has this feature). If there's also a way to export all the queries results in a script (by using some kind of naming convention), I think it will be very useful. I think that an option to name a query result outfile by the last comment before the query would be a great way to easily name the resulting files.

Thanks, Amos.
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