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Excel style results filter

Postby filterfan » Fri Apr 01, 2016 8:35 am

Hi Serge,

Thank you for creating DBeaver. It easily has the best GUI of any free PostgreSQL Windows client.

I would like to request a new feature if I may. Would it be possible to implement an Excel style filter within the results table? Please see the image below an an example from "Toad for Oracle":


It would be great if you could add a drop-down arrow button next to the column name in the results table and when this is clicked it should show an Excel style filter window of distinct results with tick boxes (So a column containing TRUE or FALSE values would only show these two results and a tick box next to them).

I realise that the results table is already capable of filtering table rows however to be honest it would be great to just click a button on the column and have it return the distinct values for that column. The ability to quickly aggregate data in this way would greatly improve workflow and the Excel style filter is a familiar tool.

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