Quickly copy Column Names + trouble with Regexp replace

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Quickly copy Column Names + trouble with Regexp replace

Postby eljuggy » Fri Jan 15, 2016 5:33 pm


I'm switching from TOAD and I painfully miss the possibility to quickly select and then copy column names.

Classic use example :
I've already selected * from one or a few tables to look at them, now I want to join them or sum/count some data.
I need to fully type the column names in the SQL (and I'm so lazy I can't type - joking but productivity matters).

feature 1 (3 stars ;-) not easy) : drag'n drop a column name to the SQL text zone where the name of the column will be pasted right where the mouse button is released.
feature 1 (1 star) : a right click option on result set or header : "paste column name at cursor" (the column name is pasted at the cursor position in the SQL input text zone and the cursor is automatically moved) - bonus : if 2 columns or more are copied in a row (ie the cursor has'nt been moved by the user inbetween) then add a comma first.
(I do "Edit Cell" (shift+enter) + right click to "copy value" on the column name field but it's still too long and also the clipboard is overwritten)

feature 2 : I would also need a "copy column name with alias and delimiters" right click options when viewing an object (F4).
I know it's easily done with a search and replace on \R after copying the objects from F4... but the Regular expression replace does'nt work on a "selected lines" Scope (bug ? limitation ? I'm on 3.5.8)
this replace possibilty on selected lines is also important for quickly building long inlists IN parameter with values coming from Excel (or long "case when end" etc.)
(having to do the replace in another empty script is not cool).

I hope everything is clear.
Continue your great work with DBeaver !
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Re: Quickly copy Column Names + trouble with Regexp replace

Postby fchiavegato » Fri Feb 12, 2016 10:02 pm

I'm with eljuggy, I would appreciate if you guys could implement the drag&drop, right click and copy or even a shortcut like CTRL+H for copying just the headers.
Btw I downloaded DBeaver, trying to migrate from Oracle Sql developer. So far I like the app a lot, I'm particularly happy with the templates solution and grid/text swap functionality.
Keep the good your, and thanks for the awesome software.
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