New delimiter options for advanced Copy *edited

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New delimiter options for advanced Copy *edited

Postby rrsolver » Thu Aug 06, 2015 6:52 pm

I use Jira frequently and it would be nice if I could paste results directly into their markdown format for tables.

Consider the following Example

select 1 as 'date', 2 as 'time' union all
select 3, 4

after copying would paste this

currently if you change the delimiter to | it will paste as this


So 2 additional options would be nice

1) an option to surround each row with the delimiter example: |1|2| instead of 1|2
2) a separate delimiter field for the header row i.e. so I can specify || for only the header row

I would prioritize #1 above #2 but both would be nice

as always thanks for the great tool
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