ERD, diagram creation process

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ERD, diagram creation process

Postby esapien » Tue Apr 21, 2015 7:04 pm

When creating a new diagram in a new project, I found the process not very intuitive. Below I post my steps:

1. I had only one project created ("proj01") in the worspace so it was the "Active" one.
2. I created a new project "proj02". It was created only with "Connections" element (I think it would be better if it was created with the 3 emtpy elements Connections/Diagrams/Scripts from the start)
3. The Scripts element appeard only until I created the first script (IMHO unusual behavior)
4. I tried to create a diagram for the new project but struggled a bit. I found it from the File / New menu option, however it was not obvious to me it would be created in the old "proj01" project, since it was the "Active" one. So I repeated the process having made the "proj02" as the Active one. It appeared to me as a long, non-intuitive/non-standard process.

As mentioned in point 2, I think it would be easier if the project was created with the three (empty) elements from start, and then create each connection/diagram/script under the corresponding element, by right clicking and choosing a "New..." option.

What do you think?

Thank you in advance
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