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Find Resource (Ctrl+Shift+R)

PostPosted: Mon Jul 07, 2014 7:57 pm
by lluccia
I am missing an Eclipse feature on DBeaver.
Find Resource (Ctrl+Shift+R) to find resources available on workspace by name, mainly to find sql scripts.

Have you ever tried to implement that?

I am willing to help with this feature development.

Leandro Conca

Re: Find Resource (Ctrl+Shift+R)

PostPosted: Thu Aug 21, 2014 6:49 pm
by lluccia
Just to update,

I contacted Serge by email.
He told me that this feature is not on the TODO list, but the Eclipse plugin version has support for it.

I am using now a standard Eclipse with DBeaver plugin installed, that saves me a lot of time locating sql scripts to run.

Leandro Conca