Separate tree folder for (Firebird) system tables and views

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Separate tree folder for (Firebird) system tables and views

Postby Krotow » Thu May 01, 2014 11:51 pm

Most databases has special system tables which contain the management and metadata information for specific database. Firebird databases also has system tables which differ from regular tables with name prefixes RDB$ and MON$. Unfortunately in DBeaver all Firebird DB tables are put in one Table folder. Because of this user tables sometimes became hard to found between system tables. Also views aren't separated in different folder an lie in common mess with tables. Can you implement a separate folder for Firebird database system tables and views?

Even beter idea: maybe you can implement a filter system to separate various database objects in separate folders as user want by configurable parameters (by object types and name wildcards). Then we would filter out the system tables (RDB$...) in one folder and monitoring tables (MON$...) in another and views in other etc. And this behaviour can be used for any database type not only for Firebird.
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