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Goto Database Object filter

PostPosted: Tue Apr 12, 2016 10:35 am
by demeus1985

Some time ago I found that the "Goto Database Object filter" doesn't show any result unless you have a DB selected in the "Database Navigator" or you have the "Databases" element selected. If I'm doing something wrong, please point me into the wrong direction.

In my case, I'm using it with a MySQL connection which has several DBs and it would be great if the filter applied by default to the default DB chosen in the connection properties, or at least, that it would apply to all the databases in the connection. Now, I have to go with the cursor to the Database Navigator and click on the desired DB and this is a bit annoying.

Also, maybe as an idea, if the focus is set in a script or in a table view, the search might be done in the db to which the script/table view is related.

Another idea, would be to be able to type the name of the DB in the filter, or even to select it in the way Eclipse can search for classes in a specific working set (

Finally, this filter feels a little bit slow in comparison to the performance of these kind of filters in other tools. Some colleagues are using sequel Pro and I like the filter in it very much. It is quick to access and it does the search very quickly. DBeaver feels much better in general for me, though :).

Thanks and regards,