Oracle persist package doesn't show errors

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Oracle persist package doesn't show errors

Postby jpicornell » Mon Sep 21, 2015 10:34 am

Hi there,

I've done a video showing the error: . I explain it:

When you alter a package and persist it with an error, it doesn't shows you any error. Even if you compile it, it says you that "Compilation was succesful". But when you close the package, reopen it and hit the compile button, it shows you the correct message error.

This behaviour is also reproducing when "persist changes" are correct, so you can't tell if the package is compiled or not, leaving your package like Schrodinger's cat: It could be compiled or not. You have to close the tab, reopen it and compile to see if it's compiled or not.

The version of DBeaver is 3.4.5, last version at the opening of the topic.

Joan Picornell.
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