Universality of DBeaver (test)

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Universality of DBeaver (test)

Postby Wolf van Heeswijk » Sat Mar 05, 2011 12:10 am

DBeaver claims to be an universal JDBC frontend. So, I tested a number of embedded/server engines.
I did not encounter problems with connecting and working with the following engines:

One$DB (AKA Daffodil)
Apache Derby
Firebird (JayBird-Full driver)
H2 (latest version)
dBase (hxtt driver)
Ingres (Ingres II)
OCELOT (using ODBC-JDBC bridge)
QED (QuadCap)
SQLite3 (sqlitejdbc-v034-native.jar)

Daffodil and One$DB (freeware version of Daffodil) have the same drivers.
Firebird/Interbase driver: jaybird-full-2.1.1.jar was used
H2Driver: latest driver. Runs in several modes (MySQL, PostgreSQL, DB2 etc.) Tested only in Native H2 mode.
H2 is very much alive and is now a real threat to HSQLDB.
hxtt dBase driver: Surprise: Very good (runs bad in a lot of orher frontends).
Ingres (now free) and Mimer: Interestingly, either Ingres or Mimer runs well in a lot of JDBC frontends.
In DBeaver, however, both engines run well !!
I discovered that the latest version of Mimer integrates very well in Open Office Base and even supports Master-Detail forms in OO. This fact is not mentioned by OO-developers.
McKoi is very much alive and the latest version has a full grown server. It is a good engine. However, I tested McKoi only in the embedded (client) mode.
The latest PostgreSQL driver performed well in a real-life application.
QED (QuadCap, client) also runs in DBeaver. However, QED is now not supported nor developed any more and is for sale. That's a shame because it is not a bad engine at all. A typical example of a good product and bad marketing.
SmallSQL is only of theoretical interest. It is mentioned in the list of drivers of SQuirreL but it runs also in DBeaver as well.

Likewise, AxionDB, mentioned by SQuirreL in the drivers list is only of theoretical interest. I did not succeed to connect to AxionDB even in SQuirreL itself. It could have some potential in hand-held devices but it will not survive the H2, HSQLDB and SQLite engines. So, forget AxionDB.

I did not test:
MS SQL server
Oracle XE

I did not test the 4 engines above because I have a personal preference for engines having a relatively small footprint.

I'm a pensionado and a shareware/freeware programmer and like to test ,evaluate and compare (database) programs, just for fun. I'm convinced that DBeaver is very universal indeed and will prove to be a winner.
Wolf van Heeswijk
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