MySQL issue with DBeaver on Mac OSX Tables and SP's

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MySQL issue with DBeaver on Mac OSX Tables and SP's

Postby vspoulose » Sat Jul 19, 2014 10:24 am

MySQL - 5.6.19 MySQL Community Server (GPL)
Dbeaver - 2.4.1
MacOSX - 10.9.4


I am not sure if this is a purely MySQL issue or a mixed issue with DBeaver, which I use as the client on my MacOSX. These issue happens intermittently, when I keep refreshing the database within the Dbeaver. The tables in the database seem to disappear and I keep getting errors with SP I have created which use these tables.

DBeaver still shows the tables as listed but they are unable to retrieve any information about them.

Also when I change existing SP in and save the changes using persistent, the SP are lost or deleted.

The stored procedures also give errors on the saving those which take Datetime value for length as parameters, when existing SP have 19 and when they are saved they give a error saying only allowed maximum length is only 6.

On certain occasions, the MySQL instance gives errors with the missing tables and does allow the rebuild of the lost record (after a drop table) mentioned in the scenario above where the DBeaver report no table when running SP's, giving a table space error, which can not be fixed by by alter table as the table is not existing. There are also other problems which build up in such senario's, the deletion of the DB server is a hassle repeated installs don't work and I have to leave it uninstalled for a while before re-installing MySQL server and then reinstalling all the DB dumps.

So not sure if this is a DBeaver issue resulting in DB errors or DBeaver issues leading to issues in DB.

Anyone has any clue what happening or had such a experience before.

Thanks in advance,
PS: Why is it not possible to download procedures, views as sql files, yet?
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