Technical Information

DBeaver is written on Java (version 4.x language level 1.8). Required Java version is 1.8 or higher.
DBeaver based on Eclipse RCP platform. For DBeaver 4.x default Eclipse version is 4.7 (Oxygen).

Different versions

Starting from version 3.x you can download Community Edition or Enterprise Edition versions. CE version is free and open source. EE version is commercial. It includes all CE features plus NoSQL databases support (MongoDB, Cassandra, Redis in 4.x), support of document-based results presentation (you can view/edit documents as XML or JSON), export in Office formats, persistent query history and other features. Also EE version is bundled with all 3rd party JDBC drivers and can be used offline.


Basically there are two different versions: standalone application and Eclipse plugin.
Eclipse plugin version works with most modern Eclipse IDE versions (starting from E4). We do not test backward compatibility with old Eclipse versions (dev/build Eclipse version is 4.4/4.5) but we use Eclipse 3.x API wherever it is possible.

Supported platforms

Generally DBeaver supports all platforms supported by Eclipse framework (Windows, Linux, MacOS, Solaris, AIX, HP-UX). Starting from version 3.5 we provide prebuilt versions only for Windows, Linux, Mac and Solaris (all for x86 hardware).
Since version 4.2 we no longer support platforms other than Windows, MacOS and Linux (because of Eclipse 4.7 platform limitations).
If you need other distributions – leave a feature requests.

Source dependencies

Besides base Eclipse platform DBeaver uses following components:

  • JSch – Java Secure Channel library (SSH tunnels support)
  • JEXL – expression language libraries
  • JSqlParser – SQL parser for SQL injections
  • H2 – embedded database engine for Query Manager (EE version)
  • ASM – Java byte-code manipulations
  • Silk icon set

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